Our Story

Meet Adriana, the Founder behind ae SwimWear. Originally from Brazil, Adriana’s journey into the world of fashion began with a childhood passion for designing doll clothes. This ignited a lifelong fascination with crafting and customizing garments. Adriana graduated with a degree in Business Management yet her heart always gravitated towards the artistry of fashion. 

In 2017, she embarked on an exciting adventure, leaving Brazil and moving to New York City. As part of an exchange program, she polished her English skills and also seized the opportunity to study at Parsons School of Fashion Design. 
A new chapter unfolded when Adriana moved to San Diego and felt inspired to launch a unique bikini brand. She met Eliara, also a fashion designer and both decided to partner together to share their vision and ideas. 
As Swimwear continues to flourish, their narrative unfolds in every stitch and pattern, a testament to their remarkable journey and commitment to creativity.